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Digging for mysteries

Anne usually beats me to the big comfy chair in the living room, eyes closed but not asleep, feet up and chair clicked back, bible resting on her tummy on top of a mound of blankets, house still dark, worship music playing quietly in the background.

I leave her there.

I creep back to our bedroom leaving the kids a few more minutes of precious sleep before the morning routine begins. I find God as I sip on a steaming cup of coffee.

I start by turning on worship. Usually it's Jon Thurlow from IHOP-KC. He sings my heart. He looks hungry -- like he's not satisfied just knowing about God. He wants to know God, to see inside His heart. Books and devotionals and sermons can point to the Almighty but sometimes it takes an painter's brush to reveal deeper things. Thurlow is my artist. 

I sit. 

"Lord, I love you."

I open my hands. 

Lately I've been reading through the Gospel of Matthew. Sometimes I only get through half a chapter. Or half a verse. 

I read, "So don't be afraid. You're worth more than many sparrows." I stop, set up my tent, light a fire and camp there for a moment. I poke at the flame. I listen to the crackle of the wood. I give room for God.

I whisper, "Lord, speak to me. Show me how much you love me, how you don't want me to be afraid. Take away my fear."

Jesus loved to speak through stories called parables. Sometimes I get frustrated because the truth seems shrouded in weird tales involving irrational humans making unfair business deals or farming or going to wedding receptions. Why can't it be easier? Why does God make me dig for truth. Why not just tell me what to do, straight up?

Yes, it would be easier if the bible were a big database. Wondering how to deal with that contentious relationship at the office? Just type in, "dumb co-worker" and get step-by-step, what-would-Jesus-do instructions. 

But no, God wants relationship. He wants us to hear His voice speaking right now. 

Deciphering God's voice from your thoughts and feelings takes practice. Practice and space. When we pack our lives full of TV and movies and books and work and, and, and... we don't leave much time for relationship with Him. 

There are mysteries to discover about God. There are treasures. We're invited to dig. Read a verse. Pray over it. Look for verses that talk about similar things. Follow the treasure map.

Even if you wouldn't call God a friend yet, He's waiting. Start by reading the Gospel of John. You can read it for free at biblegateway.com. I'll even let you invite Jon Thurlow. 

God is good and He wants to show you His love. Grab a shovel and find a quiet corner and go treasure hunting.


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