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I've spent my whole career writing -- eight years as a magazine journalist and 10 or so years working at mid-sized B2B advertising agencies in public relations. PR pays five times better than freelance journalism but my heart is in magazines. I love this business where punchy, descriptive story-telling wins and you only talk to people who are passionate about what they're doing.

I try to always have one or two stories cooking in the background to keep my journalist's heart beating.  

My most recent story ran in the March/April 2014 issue of Ministry Today. It's a long one and you'll have to go to the magazine site to read it, but the idea of running once-a-year compassion clinics in your city could transform your world. Not only do the clinics help needy people, they also have a significant spiritual impact on the people volunteering.


And here's another I wrote that ran in Faith Today in the fall of 2013. It came out of a freelance PR gig I was doing for a bank. Midway through the conversation I knew Elaine Froese and I had a lot more to talk about than business.

Froese is an amazing lady who uses her faith to transform families who are working through multi-million dollar deals.


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